How many times have you felt like this?

end_of_ropeHow many times have you felt like this when you are at work and dealing with people who keep yanking on the rope?

You know that you have to stay somewhat calm and keep your thoughts to yourself, but if one more person yanks you in a different direction …omg you are going to explode.  Because your at work you keep your mouth shut, of course you do, you don’t want to lose your job…right?

So what does that do for you when you get off work?  Are you the only one who wished you were someplace else? No! We all have days where we wish we were someplace else or that the world would disappear. It makes for a tense workplace that normally follows you home.  At home the spouse and the kids are usually the ones that you vomit your whole days pent up anger on. The ones you love who really don’t deserve your wrath, however they are suppose to understand when you have a bad day. You don’t mean anything by it and you can’t understand why they get upset.

Instead of letting the day, the month get to you, you need to find your voice and let those people know in the most respected and polite way possible, to back off.  It is not an easy task and you do the best you can, however when things begin to pile up, your get angry and it sends you into a sideways behavior.  Anger is just a surface reaction to a deeper fear.  (Please stop telling me BS, you know I’m right or you would be upset reading this) What fear are those people poking when they keep asking and coming in distrubing you while you try to get things done. Is it the fear of not good enough, or the fear of helplessness, or maybe the fear of failure because you can’t finish what everyone is throwing at you.

What can I do to not let this happen you ask? Well I’m glad you asked.

STOP and visual a PAUSE button when you feel the anger coming on. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly, this will change the pattern of what you normally do.  Practice it over and over until you disfuse the anger when everything is coming at you. Then, in a respectful way let the individuals know that you will have what they need in (specify time frame) and you will get it to them then. Also tell them that everytime they interrupt it takes time away from that time frame you gave them and once you have accomplished, then you need to prioritize the job duties and work from the top down. Next by looking at the time frame you will be able to let them know that they are (# ?) on the list and that you will begin their request at that time. This accomplished, you will find that your life is a little more at peace, your home life is a safehaven and your stress level is much lower than before.

A Pause Button is like the Easy Button you’ve seen on TV. It can simplify your life if you choose to use it as a tool for controlling the anger that crops up.

Let me know if you try it and the results. It may not work the first few times, however if you continue using it you will be amazed at the results.



Time Management

Everyone has issues with time management. If you don’t have someone else doing the work for you, then you know what I am talking about. Over committing because you can’t say no or don’t know how to say no is one of the worst issues I hear people complaining about. Here is a few suggestions to help you get more organized and to help you know when you are overstepping the time you have to make things happen.

Make a list of your current commitments –

family related, church, community organizations, work and business. Is there any you need to get out of? If you have all of these things on your list and you don’t know which one’s you can’t handle then you need to prioritize your list to accommodate the time you do have. Remember … there is only 24 hours in a day and you have to sleep sometime.

Every commitment you have claims a part of your time and attention.

Is that commitment worthy of your attention?

Should you really be doing it?

If you’re already overworked and out of time than any additional commitments you take on will divide your attention even more and make you unable to give your best to any project. Commit to what you feel is the most important and say no to the rest.  Most people can juggle 3 or 4 projects at once and still maintain a healthy relationship with work, home and church.  However if you have projects at church that you want to be a part of, then the projects you take on at home or work need to be less.

We are always trying to please everyone… however when you finally stop and realize that you must be the one that is pleased with what you can accomplish without stressing yourself out other projects will fall into place.

Don’t be a people pleaser that says yes to everything. Know your limitations, know what time will allow you to accomplish and know what is healthy for you.

Don’t allow the outside world to interfere with your relationship with God and your family.  These should be a priority to you above and beyond all else.

Time Management is by far the worst for many of us…. The key is to know who you are, what you want to accomplish and how to do it without hurting yourself or others around you.  Make the list – prioritize your list and stick to it.

God took 7 days to create our world and what was on it.  That was His project.  Then He has maintained it for 1000’s of years. It’s a full time job.   Imagine what  it would be like if He were not around to answer prayer or create life because He was doing something else.

It is the same for you. You start something, cultivate it and walk away because you have other projects to start… what happens when you are no longer cultivating a project?  It falls apart!

Make your list…stick to it… and let me know how it goes. I would love to hear from you.

Don’t let the weekend blahs create your Monday blues


Monday is the one day that everyone seems to dread.

I say Let’s Make the Most of it!

Monday is the day you start your week, the day calls are made, appointments are set and the ground that the best week ever will be planted in! Or better yet, set appointments to start your week off right.

Don’t let the weekend blahs create your Monday blues.  Make Monday’s something you look forward to doing and not something you won’t be all that excited about. Set appointments on Monday to get you motivated for the week. Meeting new clients at lunch or over coffee is a great way to get in the swing for the week.

When you have something to look forward to, your day goes by much quicker than if you didn’t have anything to look forward to, that differs from the normal.  So why not start the week out with a positive.

Attitude really does make all the difference! Instead of thinking about how much you are dreading waking up early for work, try thinking about a positive quality of your job that you really enjoy, why not wake up with the excitement of a meeting with a potential new client and the blessings God has given you.

What a concept! Excited about Monday!

Have a blessed day and remember “All things are possible with God”