Christian Motivation Let God be in Control!

cross500Christian motivation is a whole different ball game than the world’s idea of doing what you want with drive and determination. Christians should desire to please the Lord and not themselves or others. 

 As Christians, you should not be crowd pleasers, working for self glory, fame, applause, or fortune. “Know your why” for building your home based business and let God’s Word motivate you and lift you higher.  

You want to be able to spend quality time with your family, have the ability to raise your kids in a Godly environment, have the finances to accomplish your goals and dreams, by owning your own business… and to create this you must also be willing to let God be in control.

Today you have the opportunity to take the world out of your business and put the Word in. (Take the “l” out of world) God is waiting for you to turn over the reins to Him and let Him be in control. 


When you allow God to take control of all aspects of your life, you open the door to multiple blessings in your life, your home, your business and your well being. God is waiting on you!!  So take the reins in your hands and throw them into the air and let God grab hold of them!


If you never give God a try, you will never know the blessings He can bring to you. So why not give it a try, let God be in control and then sit back and see what kind of results you get.  The Word of God promises to take care of you. You need to have faith, trust in God and the willingness to listen to what God says. 

1 Chronicles 29:12 Wealth and honor come from you; you are the ruler of all things. In your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all.

Have a Blessed Day!




Time Management

Everyone has issues with time management. If you don’t have someone else doing the work for you, then you know what I am talking about. Over committing because you can’t say no or don’t know how to say no is one of the worst issues I hear people complaining about. Here is a few suggestions to help you get more organized and to help you know when you are overstepping the time you have to make things happen.

Make a list of your current commitments –

family related, church, community organizations, work and business. Is there any you need to get out of? If you have all of these things on your list and you don’t know which one’s you can’t handle then you need to prioritize your list to accommodate the time you do have. Remember … there is only 24 hours in a day and you have to sleep sometime.

Every commitment you have claims a part of your time and attention.

Is that commitment worthy of your attention?

Should you really be doing it?

If you’re already overworked and out of time than any additional commitments you take on will divide your attention even more and make you unable to give your best to any project. Commit to what you feel is the most important and say no to the rest.  Most people can juggle 3 or 4 projects at once and still maintain a healthy relationship with work, home and church.  However if you have projects at church that you want to be a part of, then the projects you take on at home or work need to be less.

We are always trying to please everyone… however when you finally stop and realize that you must be the one that is pleased with what you can accomplish without stressing yourself out other projects will fall into place.

Don’t be a people pleaser that says yes to everything. Know your limitations, know what time will allow you to accomplish and know what is healthy for you.

Don’t allow the outside world to interfere with your relationship with God and your family.  These should be a priority to you above and beyond all else.

Time Management is by far the worst for many of us…. The key is to know who you are, what you want to accomplish and how to do it without hurting yourself or others around you.  Make the list – prioritize your list and stick to it.

God took 7 days to create our world and what was on it.  That was His project.  Then He has maintained it for 1000’s of years. It’s a full time job.   Imagine what  it would be like if He were not around to answer prayer or create life because He was doing something else.

It is the same for you. You start something, cultivate it and walk away because you have other projects to start… what happens when you are no longer cultivating a project?  It falls apart!

Make your list…stick to it… and let me know how it goes. I would love to hear from you.

Christian Values in Today’s World

This article has some really good insights and I wanted to share it with you.  As a Christian business owner I know all to well how the world looks at Christian businesses and the labels that they get saddled with.

Christian Values in Business – How important is Integrity?
Unfortunately we have to write articles on Christian values in business and this tells us that there is definitely a problem. It’s kind of like the “Do Not Take Orally” stickers on Preparation H. There are things we should not have to discuss, but today many things have to be said anyway. Character, honesty, integrity, and honor are words of the past and can no longer be taken for granted.

Through technological and industrial ambition, the United States has changed dramatically over the last hundred years. Once a country where most industry leaders were bent on greatness, today we find them lacking in character and integrity. Early last century, industry and business leaders would find a need, find a way to fill that need, and eventually capitalize on that need. Industry leaders of the past could not imagine the embarrassment of getting caught cheating even one customer. There was a code of honor and character in business. Though not all of them were honest, the majority of them could be depended on for their fairness. Even though they competed fiercely for profits and market share, they created a system of fairness. Today that trait has all but diminished and has been replaced with greed and flawed systems.

With the Enron’s of the world and others padding their books for Executive benefit, there exists a cycle of deceit and horrid corruption for the sake of competition and shareholder satisfaction. The corruption and competition happens internally and externally in almost every business in America. Where the far majority of business owners acted honorable in years past, today the majority of business owners are deficient in character.

Christian Values in Business – The Christian Distinction
Do you have Christian values in business that reflect to the outsider? One of the saddest facts today is that one often cannot tell a Christian-run business from a business ran by an unbeliever. It seems that the American Christian business person compartmentalizes his faith, family, and business. Shouldn’t our faith resonate through all aspects of our lives?

What areas do you make concessions in your life? Are they concessions of your integrity, your character, or do you even pay attention any more? The reality is that today the church is being watched closer than ever before because of our wanting Christian brothers. As Christian business men and women, we must stand firm in our faith and family more then ever. Not just because our Lord commands it, but because the world is watching, including our children. What kind of generation are we going to leave behind when everyone sees the Christian business owner taking as many shortcuts as our non-believing competitor?

Christian Values in Business – Consider Your Business
Have you established Christian values in business? Has your faith directly affected the way you do business?

The truth is that most business owners who claim to be Christian are probably not, however they make the world believe they are by wearing the title of Christian. You and I need to allow the world to see a difference between those who say they are and those who live as they are.

Written by Darren Oliver, Executive Consultant of AmCorp Management, Inc. 

I give all credit to Darren Oliver for this article and hope that you enjoyed his views.

Let us band together as Christians that refuse to lower our standards and stand strong together.

Where is your heart when you think about work? Life? God?

Is work a four letter word to you? Do you dread having to go to work and face the same thing day in and day out?

Life does not have to be lived this way. You are meant to be happy. Finding fulfillment in your life through your family, your job and your faith.

Many people struggle to find the fulfillment in their life. They also fail to include God in their life until something bad happens and then they blame God for the bad stuff going on.  Hurt, pain, anger, depression, struggling, dread… these are not things from God. 

Again, Life does not have to be lived this way. You are meant to be happy. Finding fulfillment in your life through your family, your job and your faith.

When you have the faith in God to provide for your needs, your prayers will be answered. God wants you to be happy in your life. He wants you to be successful in your job. He wants you to have the love of a good spouse and the love of children surrounding you. 

God’s desire for you is to have peace in your heart. He does not bring evil to you, He is not the one that causes bad things to happen. We do that all by ourselves.

Take a look at your heart… where do you stand? Is your footsteps following faith or do your footsteps always get caught in the traps of life.

I would love to hear from you on what your heart is telling you. 

Have a blessed day

Have you been educated in Advertising?

As we have been taught as a child. Spiritual values are powerfully taught in the context of your family.  You have an opportunity to be an example of how your family honors God.  You have the responsibility – in your family – to demonstrate what God means to you and how important it is to live for Him: day and night, at home or out in public.  Do not be ashamed of your obedience to The Lord and His Commandments.  Demonstrate His Love to others through your life’s examples.

 Advertising is the same.  You need to be educated on where to advertise and how to advertise to be effective in your business. 

If you jump in and start spending money at your local newspapers, magazines and radio stations without researching to see if they would be beneficial to you then you have just wasted money that was hard earned. 

You need to make sure you find out about all of the advertising venues in your area.  Do some research to see which one will give you the best value for the money spent and try it for 6 months to see if you get the results you need to continue.  And don’t spend your budget, spend a little to test the waters. If it works you go back and even increase the coverage, if you didn’t get enough customers from it to warrant what was spent then you need to try new venues or smaller packages.  Don’t be talked into what you can’t afford! Don’t believe everything you hear! And don’t feel like you have to advertise at any one venue just because everyone else does! 

Choose wisely. Do your research.  Test the waters, don’t just jump in. And whatever you do, do so with the intentions of being in it for at least 6 months.  Advertising is not a quick fix, it is a commitment over a period of time.  When you are consistantly in front of potential customers you are letting them know that (1) you are not going anywhere (2) you are there for them when they need you (3) you don’t have to use gimmicks to get them in the door.

People want your honesty and good customer service, not your “how much can I get out of that person” attitude.

So I ask you, have you been educated in advertising? Do you know what people want and need?

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God’s Blessings  

Sheila Tucker