Christian Motivation Let God be in Control!

cross500Christian motivation is a whole different ball game than the world’s idea of doing what you want with drive and determination. Christians should desire to please the Lord and not themselves or others. 

 As Christians, you should not be crowd pleasers, working for self glory, fame, applause, or fortune. “Know your why” for building your home based business and let God’s Word motivate you and lift you higher.  

You want to be able to spend quality time with your family, have the ability to raise your kids in a Godly environment, have the finances to accomplish your goals and dreams, by owning your own business… and to create this you must also be willing to let God be in control.

Today you have the opportunity to take the world out of your business and put the Word in. (Take the “l” out of world) God is waiting for you to turn over the reins to Him and let Him be in control. 


When you allow God to take control of all aspects of your life, you open the door to multiple blessings in your life, your home, your business and your well being. God is waiting on you!!  So take the reins in your hands and throw them into the air and let God grab hold of them!


If you never give God a try, you will never know the blessings He can bring to you. So why not give it a try, let God be in control and then sit back and see what kind of results you get.  The Word of God promises to take care of you. You need to have faith, trust in God and the willingness to listen to what God says. 

1 Chronicles 29:12 Wealth and honor come from you; you are the ruler of all things. In your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all.

Have a Blessed Day!




Frustrated in Sales

Selling can be a very frustrating. You find yourself trying to compete with inferior products… or perhaps your struggling to fit into your industry. And then there is the whole “economy” thing going on, what’s with that?  Sale’s is not for everyone, it takes dedication, determination, focus and a winning personality. You need to be able to sell anything to anyone and you need the ability to close the sell once you have sold them on the product or service.

Being great at selling means you must find new opportunities, close existing deals, build customer relationships, manage channels, negotiate contracts, play nicely with the factory, get paperwork in on time and always have your car looking good in case the boss decides to visit accounts with you, or the clients decides to walk you out.

It amazes me when I think about all the “stuff” you need to master. Where in the world do you get the energy to accomplish it all and still find time to have a family or social life?

You need to balance your time. I hear you laughing!  Balance? What balance?

One thing I recommend for anyone in sales, find a way to spend quality time for yourself, your wife/husband, kids, girlfriend/boyfriend. When you are with them don’t take calls from the office or clients, let that call go to voicemail and return the call after your quality time outside of work.

For many you are saying “are you out of your mind?” or “I could get fired” or “that’s my bread and butter”.  Well very simply “no I am not out of my mind” “yes you could get fired” and “I realize that’s your bread and butter”. However if you don’t set the boundaries, your clients and boss will take advantage of you not saying no.

I have also found that none of those things matter if you don’t have a life to come home to. You can alienate everyone around you when you are a sales person, simply by doing your job all the time without setting boundaries.

Everyone has a stopping point, a time when they allot time for just family and friends with no intrusions from the outside world. Find yours! Oh and by the way “don’t wait until your head hits the pillow to make it “that time”.

One thing I have learned as a Sales person is that “life is too short and we are not promised tomorrow”. I have also learned that I don’t want to live with the regrets of not givng/living for myself, or my friends and family. Don’t be the sales person who says “what if?” Make each day count.

You can still be a great sales person, making top $$$$ and having awesome clients. You can be #1 in the company. All you have to do is set the boundaries, stick to them and know that what doesn’t get done today, can always be done tomorrow.

Be the best you can be, on your terms and happy selling!