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Christian Motivation Let God be in Control!

cross500Christian motivation is a whole different ball game than the world’s idea of doing what you want with drive and determination. Christians should desire to please the Lord and not themselves or others. 

 As Christians, you should not be crowd pleasers, working for self glory, fame, applause, or fortune. “Know your why” for building your home based business and let God’s Word motivate you and lift you higher.  

You want to be able to spend quality time with your family, have the ability to raise your kids in a Godly environment, have the finances to accomplish your goals and dreams, by owning your own business… and to create this you must also be willing to let God be in control.

Today you have the opportunity to take the world out of your business and put the Word in. (Take the “l” out of world) God is waiting for you to turn over the reins to Him and let Him be in control. 


When you allow God to take control of all aspects of your life, you open the door to multiple blessings in your life, your home, your business and your well being. God is waiting on you!!  So take the reins in your hands and throw them into the air and let God grab hold of them!


If you never give God a try, you will never know the blessings He can bring to you. So why not give it a try, let God be in control and then sit back and see what kind of results you get.  The Word of God promises to take care of you. You need to have faith, trust in God and the willingness to listen to what God says. 

1 Chronicles 29:12 Wealth and honor come from you; you are the ruler of all things. In your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all.

Have a Blessed Day!



Husbands: submit to your wives??

Husbands: submit to your wives??.

via Husbands: submit to your wives??.

For the Christian household, a strong article that brings God’s Word into full prospective. Hope you enjoy this article and learn something from it! The author is a good Godly man who has full respect for his relationship and his wife. You can make comments on his page when you read the article.


Christian Marketing


What is it you need to do to grow your business? Christian marketing is more affordable and gives more exposure for like minded businesses.

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Faith and Marketing

Running a Faith Based Business isn’t an easy thing to do. I’ve been a Christian for over thirty years and our business is based on our Christian values fueled by prayer.  We would like other business owners who share in running a business by faith to unite together and stand strong in our world today. We stand amazed at what God has done in our lives through our Christian ran business and we feel a great desire to encourage other Believers.

We put our full trust in God when we began our business, Apostle Internet Radio, over 7 years ago. When we first started out in the business arena of Internet Radio, 12 years ago, we were yolked to worldly based people who did not believe that a Christian Radio Station could survive and make money in the world we live in.  After much stress and the near loss of our business, we closed the book on our original stations (mainly secular stations) and branched out on our own to the calling the Lord had given us 5 years before.

Apostle Radio was a vision from God. In pure faith, we started our company on a shoestring and a prayer.  The struggles we faced – lack of knowledge of Internet Marketing, Fear of the unknown, Bad Reputation of the world wide web, and the fight of change, were stressful and sometimes very defeating. The only place we had to turn was to God, the one who directed us to this new and challenging venture.

There were times when I personally was ready to give up, walk away and not look back! These were the times when I had not put my full faith in God and the vision He had bestowed upon us.

How do you over come?  Prayer!!!

I would pray a hundred times a day, lol that’s what it seemed like, asking God “what I was doing wrong” “why couldn’t people understand” “how are we going to survive” and then I would start the day over again, experiencing the same thing.

Then one day it came to me… God placed me in this position to learn what the meaning of “Total Faith in God” really meant.  It’s easy to say “I trust God” but when it came to finances and paying bills, well…I felt like I had to do it on my own since my prayers weren’t being answered fast enough to keep the phone and electricity on.   So when God asked me “do you have Faith in Me”  I realized that He was talking about unconditional, unquestionable, total trust and faith that He would take care of me in all aspects of my life.

Once that sank in …. (about 3 months of struggling) I said ok… I am throwing you the reigns to my life, my finances, my business, the whole works.  I no longer want this stress and struggle in my life.  7 years later we are still here, still putting the Word of God out on our Internet Radio Station, Apostle Radio and we are maintaining our home, office and some fun time by the Grace of God and the Faith we have in Him.

We don’t worry how our bills will be paid, God always provides. We don’t stress over who our next client will be, God always provides. We don’t fight the lack of knowledge or the fear of the Internet, God has allowed technology to catch up to us, and we no longer struggle with who we are,  God has marketed and branded us to the world by giving us the knowledge to teach others, the building of trust to dispel the fears, and the longevity in business to prove that “the Internet is not just a passing phase”.

You must have Faith in every aspect of your life to find the success you desire. God does fill our desires and flourishes our needs. And God will bless you abundantly when you Walk by Faith in Life and in Business.

So why do we Market by Faith? My question to you… is there any other way? 🙂

I would love to hear your success stories.

It’s time for some God Sized Dreams to be brought to fruition and that can only happen when a believer makes God part of every decision.

Christian Values in Today’s World

This article has some really good insights and I wanted to share it with you.  As a Christian business owner I know all to well how the world looks at Christian businesses and the labels that they get saddled with.

Christian Values in Business – How important is Integrity?
Unfortunately we have to write articles on Christian values in business and this tells us that there is definitely a problem. It’s kind of like the “Do Not Take Orally” stickers on Preparation H. There are things we should not have to discuss, but today many things have to be said anyway. Character, honesty, integrity, and honor are words of the past and can no longer be taken for granted.

Through technological and industrial ambition, the United States has changed dramatically over the last hundred years. Once a country where most industry leaders were bent on greatness, today we find them lacking in character and integrity. Early last century, industry and business leaders would find a need, find a way to fill that need, and eventually capitalize on that need. Industry leaders of the past could not imagine the embarrassment of getting caught cheating even one customer. There was a code of honor and character in business. Though not all of them were honest, the majority of them could be depended on for their fairness. Even though they competed fiercely for profits and market share, they created a system of fairness. Today that trait has all but diminished and has been replaced with greed and flawed systems.

With the Enron’s of the world and others padding their books for Executive benefit, there exists a cycle of deceit and horrid corruption for the sake of competition and shareholder satisfaction. The corruption and competition happens internally and externally in almost every business in America. Where the far majority of business owners acted honorable in years past, today the majority of business owners are deficient in character.

Christian Values in Business – The Christian Distinction
Do you have Christian values in business that reflect to the outsider? One of the saddest facts today is that one often cannot tell a Christian-run business from a business ran by an unbeliever. It seems that the American Christian business person compartmentalizes his faith, family, and business. Shouldn’t our faith resonate through all aspects of our lives?

What areas do you make concessions in your life? Are they concessions of your integrity, your character, or do you even pay attention any more? The reality is that today the church is being watched closer than ever before because of our wanting Christian brothers. As Christian business men and women, we must stand firm in our faith and family more then ever. Not just because our Lord commands it, but because the world is watching, including our children. What kind of generation are we going to leave behind when everyone sees the Christian business owner taking as many shortcuts as our non-believing competitor?

Christian Values in Business – Consider Your Business
Have you established Christian values in business? Has your faith directly affected the way you do business?

The truth is that most business owners who claim to be Christian are probably not, however they make the world believe they are by wearing the title of Christian. You and I need to allow the world to see a difference between those who say they are and those who live as they are.

Written by Darren Oliver, Executive Consultant of AmCorp Management, Inc. 

I give all credit to Darren Oliver for this article and hope that you enjoyed his views.

Let us band together as Christians that refuse to lower our standards and stand strong together.

Marketing Your Business 101

1. Step to promoting your business is to research available media’s to see which one would be the best fit for your company needs.

2. If your website, signage, ads and marketing materials look like they come from multiple companies, you need to recreate them so that you communicate a consistent brand at all times.

3. If you don’t have your one-year and five-year goals, then your marketing efforts might not be helping your business. Take some time to determine your business objectives and then revamp your brand and marketing efforts to help you reach those goals.

Keep checking back for more Marketing Your Business 101 Tips. 

Have a Blessed and Profitable Day!

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In life or in business there are ups and downs…

God tell us in James 1:3

For when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.

I find that this is true in my life and in my business. Stay strong and Remember

 Never Give Up, Never Back Down & Never Ever Lose Faith!

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