Build a Bridge to Build a Relationship!

I believe that you need to build a bridge to build a relationship!

People are worn out by all the bombarding they get.  Email, Phone, Cell, Text, Radio, TV, Social Media and even Networking Groups.

You can’t build a relationship if you are not willing to build the bridge first. The bridge represents common ground between two business owners. You need to know the person and the business before you can expect to build the relationship. Right!

Look at it like this… each plank you use to build the bridge is a piece of information, as you lay the planks you learn more about the person and their business and they are in turn learning about you and your business.

Once you have laid the last plank of the bridge and the gap is filled, you should have a solid relationship with the person and a good business relationship for years to come. But don’t stop there… The bridge is a work of art that is forever changing.  Keep laying the planks… Build a cover over the Bridge, make it a double decker… You are making a commitment to a lasting working and personal relationship with this company. Why stop at just a bridge?

This is truly what networking is about. It’s not about how many show up, it’s about building the relationship with the ones that do show up.

It is not quantity… it’s the quality.

Networking is not about you and you trying to sell, sell, sell

It’s about relationships and tell, tell tell. 


So when you shake the hand of a potential client, remember to build the bridge to build the relationship.

Have a Blessed Day!


Advertising Process

Advertising is the process of persuading potential customers to buy products or avail of services being offered to them. The process of advertising involves a variety of strategies. Effective and continuous advertising is one of the most important functions of any successful business. It is imperative that the products or services of any business receive the proper exposure, and the way to achieve exposure is through advertising.

Whether it is on the national or local level, advertising campaigns are necessary to let people know about a business and its products. The goal of marketing is to target the segment of a population who has a special need for a particular product or service and finding ways to provide that product or service in the most effective means possible.

Advertisements may appear in many forms, including newspaper and magazine ads, radio and television commercials, direct mail campaigns, and various other forms. With the emergence of brand recognition as a key factor in marketing and advertising, companies have entered into multi-billion dollar contracts with advertising firms to promote their products and services.

These efforts have led to products becoming integral aspects of popular culture. The function of advertising companies is to professionally promote individual businesses and organizations. Advertising agencies are dedicated to the development of the most innovative and effective means of business promotion.

Even if you can afford major companies like corporations use, there are smaller advertising companies that can help you roll out a plan. Look in your local community for one closest to you and talk to them. Don’t be afraid to test the waters, talking doesn’t cost you money, implementing the plan is what cost. Be sure you scope out all options when it’s time to advertise. And don’t spend all your money in one place. A good plan, no matter how big or how small, uses multiple venue’s of media to be seen and heard. Weigh your options and put a plan into place.

How do you advertise your business?

Internet marketing is not just an option anymore

Internet marketing is not just an option anymore; it’s something that you need to do. If you don’t market your business well on the internet, no one will know you exist. Moreover, your competitors will be more than happy to take your prospective customers. Make sure that you get noticed on the internet.

Be very specific when choosing the products you want to market to your audience. General items like napkins, printer paper, or socks may be used by everyone who visits your website, but that’s not what they’re coming to you to find. Target the products to the specific topic of your website.

To develop respectability and credibility on your website, try to include as much financial information as possible. This can show that you are honest and are not hiding any issues at your company. Sharing information with your customers is a great way to build brand loyalty and increase your overall profit.

Internet marketing is a very effective technique for small businesses for two very important reasons. The first reason is that it is generally fairly inexpensive, especially compared to traditional marketing. Secondly it is good because it is targeted directly at the types of people who would be interested in the product or service you offer.

Try to entice your customers by giving them extra incentives if they order now. It could be something like faster shipping, or free gift wrapping. People love to get something for nothing, or at least have the impression of getting something for nothing. So make them feel good about their purchase and get them to order soon.

Follow these tips and set your business up for the kind of success you want to see. By using internet marketing to propel your business, you will not only get noticed, but you can attract prospective buyers who want what you have to offer. Have a strong internet marketing plan, and your business will succeed.

Let me know if you are ready to take the step into Internet Marketing. We will help you cost effectively by creating an ad or commercial (which most companies charge extra for) and getting it in front of potential clients.


Are you looking for a new way to grow your business?

Are you looking for new ways to grow your business? This is a nice networking group online that is great for promoting your business and if you are in the DFW area they also meet in Plano once a week. It has a great blend of business professionals. Go sign up and be a part of it.
Business Professionals networking with like minded Business Professionals. I would love to network with you there. Tell Joe Sheila Tucker referred you.

I’m just starting my business. How do I market it and what should I spend?

Question: I’m just starting my business. How do I market it and what should I spend?

It’s difficult to start a business, let alone learn how to market it. It’s not uncommon for new and small business owners to find themselves in the marketing role and quickly becoming overwhelmed.

There are basics that are important to every small business owner. Marketing is not an expense it’s an investment and it’s important to have a clear understanding on where to start investing. If you can get this, you are one step ahead.

Let’s talk about the basics. You need a clear understanding of not only what marketing is and why you should do it, but also having a marketing plan. With a plan, and a basic understanding you will have taken the risk out of where you put your marketing dollars.

Many companies view marketing as an expense. The truth is when a business understands the importance and the role marketing plays in growing a business it’s clear on why marketing should be considered an investment. Marketing is crucial when it comes to gaining the attention of prospective consumers and clients, developing products or service demand and turning those prospective consumers into customers. Marketing has an affect on your sales, pricing, promotions and your advertising strategies. When you grasp this and understand the importance of marketing you can use it to promote the ongoing transition of your services/products to the customers, this can create success in your small business.

Determining how much of your resources to spend on marketing can be one the biggest obstacles that businesses face. It can also be a key component that can make or break a business. What I will tell you is that you need to allot dollars in the budget to market and advertise you company, regardless of whether you need to keep it small or have more to spend. Getting awareness of your business is vital for survival. If you open the doors without a marketing strategy, you are just setting yourself up for failure.  Since failure is unacceptable, I know you will really look at this as an opportunity to start your business with a positive light.

Also make sure to set up a marketing plan that fits into your budget and stick to it. Opening a new business can become costly, especially since every media in your area knows you are opening and they all want a piece of your budget.

One word you need to learn is …..   NO! 

Look at all offers, research the companies and don’t be afraid to ask them for  documentation of listenership, readers etc… Make sure of the cost, (make sure of no hidden cost/fees) and do not let anyone lock you into a long contract.  Long contracts, if not affordable for the duration of the contract, can close the doors on a business quickly.

This should at least get you started.  Don’t want to overwhelm you all at once.

If you have questions, please send them to and I will try to answer them here.

No Time or Money to Market Their Business

I have more people tell me that they don’t have the time or the money to market their company.  This really angers me. Why are you in business if you have no time or money to market it, and then you blame everything except yourself when it fails.  So ready or not here is my response.

“If you build it, he will come.” may have worked in the movie Field of Dreams, but it doesn’t work in real life. You have to go out and market, market, market to get your business recognized, and in any type of business, that requires a lot of personal contact. So step up or get out!

Since the primary value of a customer today is the stream of business which will result from the chain of referrals – I would find people who know about your business and have them start talking long and hard about your services and your product. Word of Mouth is still a strong marketing tool and guess what IT’S FREE!

All of your advertising only brought in what you put out. You did not make a profit the first month, nor the second month. You have attended one fair for a relatively small company and nobody has scheduled with you. You spoke with approximately 12 people, but no appointments yet.  Ok did you really think that it was going to be this easy. How much competition do you have? Have you thought about trust? Building trust? It takes twice as much time to build a relationship with clients due to there being so many people doing the same things and the economy just plain sucks right now.   You have got to be out there daily networking, meeting with people and plugging your business just to get people to remember you.

It’s obvious that you don’t have the working capital to hold on until your business turns profitable, which would take a year or so – even if you had the funds to appropriately market it. My suggestion would be this if you want to continue in this business:

  • Get out and start introducing yourself to local area businesses. Be sure to have a flyer and a business card to leave at each place you visit.
  • Find businesses that could benefit from your product or service and build a relationship with them.
  • Find local networking groups and attend them so that you can make more people aware of your business.
  • Find more fairs/events to attend that will give you alot of exposure to the masses.

If this all fails, cut your losses.  You and only you know when the time is to move forward or get out. I just hope my suggestions help you.

Have a Blessed Day!

Why is a Fast Loading Website Important?

Any way you look at it, a fast loading page should be your number 1 concern. The web is all about speed, fast searches, fast purchases, fast information. You can’t have any of that with a slow loading page. Ask yourself this question – have you ever been on Google doing a search for something important and a link you clicked on didn’t open up immediately? What did you do? Patiently wait for the page to open or move onto the next link on the page? My favorite sites open almost immediately.

So, a few suggestions: Make sure that your images are properly optimized. Don’t use very many large images, save those for a different page. Keep any auto-running multimedia to a minimum, provide links to run media instead. Check your code for anything else that could affect your page loading times. Since text loads almost instantly go ahead and use all the text you want, just keep everything else under control.

This is the effect you are having on potential clients who do not have your high speed access. They blame the computer, however many times it’s the congestion on the website that makes loading everything harder.


Most people just don’t get why having a congestive website is not recommended. It may be great on your high speed internet service, however not everyone has the same high speed access and if you think about it…. how many customers are you losing by having to have all the bells and whistles, all the pictures etc… Ask yourself which is more important?


Unsure of what to do?

I have had a multitude of people asking me what we do and telling me they are unsure of what to do when it comes to marketing. With so many choices and so many scams, people don’t know which way to invest for their business. And many say that what they have researched is way to expensive. Others don’t know where to start. Some say they don’t have the time…

We can help you with most issues.

Here is what we cover:

Basic Social Media Management – We help you set up and maintain the 3 major social media platforms. Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. These should be maintained with 2 to 3 postings a day. We can set this up for you and show you how to post daily, with tools that make it easier. OR we can do it for you. I am currently managing 4 clients postings for them.

 Marketing – We have been teaching clients for 7 years to market their business using the Internet, Social Media, Internet Radio, Print and Mobile text (recently) It is all about what best suits the clients needs per their business industry.  Yes, in response to those who have asked,  we do have Internet Radio and Website Marketing available. This is what we do!

Branding – Branding is by far one of the hardest/easiest to do. It is all about conforming your printed material to look the same. Whether it is Brochures, Business Cards, Logo’s, Promotional Products, or your website and social media pages.  Everything needs to look the same, and send the same message. Having a great tag line is also a part of the puzzle.

Advertising – This comes in many options. (We can consult with you and refer you on any of the following) (We cover Internet Radio and Website Advertising, Social Media Management, and Mobile Texting plus consulting in Marketing, Branding and Advertising.

  • Print – Newspaper, Magazines, Flyers
  • Radio – AM/FM, or Internet Radio (paid and free)
  • Internet – pay per click or set price, banners, articles (like Word Press), articles for online magazines, cross linking with others, website advertising
  • Mobile messaging – Texting with special offers
  • SEO – seach engine optimation

Everything has a cost attached. Your best bet is to search for the best pricing for what you receive and have a means to track it.

Tip for the Day –  When you do FREE, you get what you paid for. Most sites that offer free listings and free links have a very low rating for you being seen and less for you getting a response.  I personally learned the hard way. I was taught to get on any and every website I could put my ad or link on. My results were ZERO. The only thing I got from that was a lot of time wasted on my part.

If you have specific questions on what we cover I would be glad to blog on them. Just leave your questions in the comment section and I will address them as they come in.


Christian Marketing

Are you looking for the proper Christian marketing strategies that it will take to help you market your business? The key that you need to pay close attention to, regardless of whether you’re a Christian or a non-believer, you should always market your business with integrity and ethics.

Using Christian marketing strategies in your business – realize that you don’t have to become a bible pusher when marketing to your prospects. You don’t have to quote scripture and plaster Jesus all over the place to get your point across. Whatever is in your heart, just go with it and don’t worry about what other people think. There are so many who believe that you have to market God and that’s just not true. If you behave in a way that is “Christ Like”, when speaking to a business owner about marketing, they will listen.

You don’t have to be over the top and you don’t have to quote scripture. If you behave in a way that God created you to be, loving, caring, compassionate, and respectful, you will have a better opportunity to share (not sell) what you are promoting.  If you haven’t tried it…. when you do let me know.

Blessings and God Look!


Christian Marketing


What is it you need to do to grow your business? Christian marketing is more affordable and gives more exposure for like minded businesses.

Let us help you to reach your Christian audience. We are offering a $50 special to small business owners to help during our down trodden economy.

2 commercial spots a day during one of our prime time listening hours and a banner on promoting your business.

Take advantage of this special offer. Call 940 566 3516 and ask for Sheila.

Christian owned and operated since 2005.