A final gift from a friend

This is a must read story. God Bless!

A final gift from a friend.

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Are you looking for a new way to grow your business?

Are you looking for new ways to grow your business? This is a nice networking group online that is great for promoting your business and if you are in the DFW area they also meet in Plano once a week. It has a great blend of business professionals. Go sign up and be a part of it.
Business Professionals networking with like minded Business Professionals. I would love to network with you there. Tell Joe Sheila Tucker referred you.

I’m just starting my business. How do I market it and what should I spend?

Question: I’m just starting my business. How do I market it and what should I spend?

It’s difficult to start a business, let alone learn how to market it. It’s not uncommon for new and small business owners to find themselves in the marketing role and quickly becoming overwhelmed.

There are basics that are important to every small business owner. Marketing is not an expense it’s an investment and it’s important to have a clear understanding on where to start investing. If you can get this, you are one step ahead.

Let’s talk about the basics. You need a clear understanding of not only what marketing is and why you should do it, but also having a marketing plan. With a plan, and a basic understanding you will have taken the risk out of where you put your marketing dollars.

Many companies view marketing as an expense. The truth is when a business understands the importance and the role marketing plays in growing a business it’s clear on why marketing should be considered an investment. Marketing is crucial when it comes to gaining the attention of prospective consumers and clients, developing products or service demand and turning those prospective consumers into customers. Marketing has an affect on your sales, pricing, promotions and your advertising strategies. When you grasp this and understand the importance of marketing you can use it to promote the ongoing transition of your services/products to the customers, this can create success in your small business.

Determining how much of your resources to spend on marketing can be one the biggest obstacles that businesses face. It can also be a key component that can make or break a business. What I will tell you is that you need to allot dollars in the budget to market and advertise you company, regardless of whether you need to keep it small or have more to spend. Getting awareness of your business is vital for survival. If you open the doors without a marketing strategy, you are just setting yourself up for failure.  Since failure is unacceptable, I know you will really look at this as an opportunity to start your business with a positive light.

Also make sure to set up a marketing plan that fits into your budget and stick to it. Opening a new business can become costly, especially since every media in your area knows you are opening and they all want a piece of your budget.

One word you need to learn is …..   NO! 

Look at all offers, research the companies and don’t be afraid to ask them for  documentation of listenership, readers etc… Make sure of the cost, (make sure of no hidden cost/fees) and do not let anyone lock you into a long contract.  Long contracts, if not affordable for the duration of the contract, can close the doors on a business quickly.

This should at least get you started.  Don’t want to overwhelm you all at once.

If you have questions, please send them to stucker@apostleradio.org and I will try to answer them here.

No Time or Money to Market Their Business

I have more people tell me that they don’t have the time or the money to market their company.  This really angers me. Why are you in business if you have no time or money to market it, and then you blame everything except yourself when it fails.  So ready or not here is my response.

“If you build it, he will come.” may have worked in the movie Field of Dreams, but it doesn’t work in real life. You have to go out and market, market, market to get your business recognized, and in any type of business, that requires a lot of personal contact. So step up or get out!

Since the primary value of a customer today is the stream of business which will result from the chain of referrals – I would find people who know about your business and have them start talking long and hard about your services and your product. Word of Mouth is still a strong marketing tool and guess what IT’S FREE!

All of your advertising only brought in what you put out. You did not make a profit the first month, nor the second month. You have attended one fair for a relatively small company and nobody has scheduled with you. You spoke with approximately 12 people, but no appointments yet.  Ok did you really think that it was going to be this easy. How much competition do you have? Have you thought about trust? Building trust? It takes twice as much time to build a relationship with clients due to there being so many people doing the same things and the economy just plain sucks right now.   You have got to be out there daily networking, meeting with people and plugging your business just to get people to remember you.

It’s obvious that you don’t have the working capital to hold on until your business turns profitable, which would take a year or so – even if you had the funds to appropriately market it. My suggestion would be this if you want to continue in this business:

  • Get out and start introducing yourself to local area businesses. Be sure to have a flyer and a business card to leave at each place you visit.
  • Find businesses that could benefit from your product or service and build a relationship with them.
  • Find local networking groups and attend them so that you can make more people aware of your business.
  • Find more fairs/events to attend that will give you alot of exposure to the masses.

If this all fails, cut your losses.  You and only you know when the time is to move forward or get out. I just hope my suggestions help you.

Have a Blessed Day!

Husbands: submit to your wives??

Husbands: submit to your wives??.

via Husbands: submit to your wives??.

For the Christian household, a strong article that brings God’s Word into full prospective. Hope you enjoy this article and learn something from it! The author is a good Godly man who has full respect for his relationship and his wife. You can make comments on his page when you read the article.


Christians Call To Vote!

No matter who you vote for, it is important that you, as Christians, don’t sit on the sidelines this year. It is an important election that will effect millions. It is not about religion, it is about the relationship you have with God that is important. And noone should be able to take that away from you!!

I, of course have my own preference on candidates and I am not trying to sway anyone’s vote. I am strickly saying that it is important to get to the polls and cast your ballot.  If you are not sure who to vote for this year, find a quiet place and go into your heart and let God guide you.

So many Christians did not vote 4 years ago and we see the effects of this today. How much longer are you going to sit on the sidelines and let the government take God out of the US and your rights as Christians out of your hands.

We should not have to fight for our beliefs. Yet we struggle daily to even talk about God without if offending someone.

  • God is not allowed in schools
  • God is not allowed in public places
  • Christians are not allowed freedom of speech if it offends someone
  • One person can complain about a cross and it can be taken down
  • Christians are not allowed _____________________________
  • Christians are not allowed _____________________________

You can fill in the blanks yourself. You have heard and seen the oppression of Christians around the world. I ask you to take time tomorrow to go and stand up for what you believe in.  Know the facts and trust in God to guide your heart. You have a voice and it’s time for Christians to be heard.

Below is an article that I believe has some merit.


United Christians around the World! This is Christians Call To Vote!


Never Satisfied… A Cry For Help!

Have you ever wondered how you can put so much time in efforts into an job for someone, and no matter what you do or how much you try, they are not satisfied.  Even after they told you that they loved what was done, and it is exactly what they ask for, it seems that the opinions of others keeps swaying and changing what their mind and confiscating your time.

I have been working with someone just like this.  I have already flown past the agreed price of the project and still no satisfaction. What do you do in this circumstance?

I received this message with a cry for help! So here is my reply…

For anyone going through this kind of issue…. it’s time to draw a line in the sand. You need to let people know that your time is valuable and that you have already gone above and beyond what was agreed on, and that any other work will have to be charged at an hourly rate.

You need to explain with a smile to this person that you can no longer continue to dedicate your time and efforts to this project at no charge. Explain to the client that you have created what they asked for, they like it and was satisfied with it. That you cannot continue putting time into this ever changing project with out compensation.  Remind them that they were satisfied with the project until others started giving their opinions, which by the way were much different from the original agreement. And let them know that you would be glad to continue working with them making all the changes, however you charge $$ an hour and that you would gladly bill them at the time the decide the project is completed.

I hope this answers the cry for help you were looking for. Remember this… believe in your value so that you can show others that value. Nothing is free and time is precious!


How To Have Happy Employee’s

Business managers must look for ways to be a blessing everyday. Greet those below you in a happy way and let them understand that, yes, you have a business to run but you are concerned for their welfare. Doing this will help you build a productive work force.

It is said that when the employee’s are happy and content in what they do, the productivity they produce excel’s. As Christians Business Owners, we set the standards of our environment. If we treat our employee’s with dignity and respect, the work happily. If we do not, then negativity and chaos runs rampant in the workforce.

Here are some suggestions for a happy work environment:

1. Create an atmosphere at work with meaning, purpose and value.  A valued employee is one who loves to come to work, who loves what they do, and will go to extremes to accomplish the task they are given.

2. Let your employee’s know that they are doing a good job.  Positive affirmations are always a plus to employee’s. Everyone likes hearing that they are appreciated for the work they do.  Thank you, good job, and keep up the good work are what makes an employee thrive to do all you ask of them.

3. Encourage employee’s to utilize their talents. Great idea’s come from many different avenues. You never know when one of your employee’s will have the next “big idea” unless you are asking them, including them, or listening to what the say. Always make time to listen. If it is not an idea you want to go with or a direction you want to go, you simply let them know how much you appreciate their input and let them know you will consider it.

4. Make the work environment a place of comfort and appeal. When your employee’s are happy, you are happy. Maybe you can provide some music, lightly in the background or allow them to listen to an online station. Maybe it is just making sure they have a good desk and chair. Or maybe it is small creature comforts like personal pictures on their desk. If they believe you care about them, this makes for a good work environment.

One of the things I do, I make sure I know about their families. I ask my employee’s how the family is, husband/wife, kids etc… and I make sure I ask about the employee as well. If an employee is having a hard time at home, chances are it will transfer to work. Once the door is open for negativity it becomes contagious.

If you know what frame of mind your employee’s are in, you can counter act any negative flow.  If you own a large company with many employee’s then your office manager, or assistants should be sharing in the duties of speaking to  employee’s daily.

I also want to say this, don’t be a doormat business owner that people will take advantage of because of your kindness. Be a strong leader, be Christian, and be the voice that they need. Employee’s need a strong leader, who can lead with a firm hand and the gentleness of God.

In Colossians 1:10 the Word of God tells us this:

I love people and I want them to be happy with me, but I don’t allow them to control me. I am led by the Holy Spirit.

Be a strong Christian spiritual leader and your business will prosper with the help of happy employee’s.