Build a Bridge to Build a Relationship!

I believe that you need to build a bridge to build a relationship!

People are worn out by all the bombarding they get.  Email, Phone, Cell, Text, Radio, TV, Social Media and even Networking Groups.

You can’t build a relationship if you are not willing to build the bridge first. The bridge represents common ground between two business owners. You need to know the person and the business before you can expect to build the relationship. Right!

Look at it like this… each plank you use to build the bridge is a piece of information, as you lay the planks you learn more about the person and their business and they are in turn learning about you and your business.

Once you have laid the last plank of the bridge and the gap is filled, you should have a solid relationship with the person and a good business relationship for years to come. But don’t stop there… The bridge is a work of art that is forever changing.  Keep laying the planks… Build a cover over the Bridge, make it a double decker… You are making a commitment to a lasting working and personal relationship with this company. Why stop at just a bridge?

This is truly what networking is about. It’s not about how many show up, it’s about building the relationship with the ones that do show up.

It is not quantity… it’s the quality.

Networking is not about you and you trying to sell, sell, sell

It’s about relationships and tell, tell tell. 


So when you shake the hand of a potential client, remember to build the bridge to build the relationship.

Have a Blessed Day!


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