Never Satisfied… A Cry For Help!

Have you ever wondered how you can put so much time in efforts into an job for someone, and no matter what you do or how much you try, they are not satisfied.  Even after they told you that they loved what was done, and it is exactly what they ask for, it seems that the opinions of others keeps swaying and changing what their mind and confiscating your time.

I have been working with someone just like this.  I have already flown past the agreed price of the project and still no satisfaction. What do you do in this circumstance?

I received this message with a cry for help! So here is my reply…

For anyone going through this kind of issue…. it’s time to draw a line in the sand. You need to let people know that your time is valuable and that you have already gone above and beyond what was agreed on, and that any other work will have to be charged at an hourly rate.

You need to explain with a smile to this person that you can no longer continue to dedicate your time and efforts to this project at no charge. Explain to the client that you have created what they asked for, they like it and was satisfied with it. That you cannot continue putting time into this ever changing project with out compensation.  Remind them that they were satisfied with the project until others started giving their opinions, which by the way were much different from the original agreement. And let them know that you would be glad to continue working with them making all the changes, however you charge $$ an hour and that you would gladly bill them at the time the decide the project is completed.

I hope this answers the cry for help you were looking for. Remember this… believe in your value so that you can show others that value. Nothing is free and time is precious!



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