Impacting our everyday lives

As I was sitting here debating on what to post today, I ran across this email from a good friend and spiritual mentor.  This message today was written to share with others, especially since we are all facing the same challenges of dealing with today’s society.

Encourage yourself in The Lord, and encourage others as well.  With so much negative impacting our everyday lives, many of us find it harder and harder each day to be encouraged.  Even the media and marketing ploys hit us with dozens of messages a day that suggest we are inferior if we don’t buy what they’re selling.  The only way to be “cool” enough, thin enough, healthy enough, or even happy is to buy their products.

Against this hailstorm of negativity, The Bible tells us here in Hebrews – and in many other Scriptures, to encourage each other constantly!  This message must be important for it to be written so many times.  We are to rise above our circumstances…and we can – through the Joy of The Lord and His Promises.

Psychologists say it takes at least five  “Way to go!’s”  to overcome one  “You stink.”  The writer of Hebrews takes it two steps further:  encouragement makes us wise to sin  and  able to change,… so we actually “stink” less.

What area of your life do you need encouragement in?  What can you do to encourage yourself… and others?

A big Thank You to my friend and mentor on God’s Word, John Holland for putting together this message today.



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