Best practice dictates…

Do you challenge your Prospects and Clients?  Best practice dictates the preparation of carefully thought through questions that help us diagnose the needs of our customers in order for us to create tailor made solutions.  However, how often do you challenge your customers in their thinking?  Do you help them to re-think their processes and procedures, do you question their views and understanding of their own best practices?

If you are not giving your customers a chance to see new potential by invoking their thought process then you need to change tactics. Better results come from you and your customer working together. They will find more value in the  whole process by being a part of it.  And they will find more value in the services you offer. Too many times the customer is not included and if things don’t go as they expect, they only one to blame is you.

Build a good relationship with your customers. Know them, know what they need and know what they want. There is no such thing as loyalty any more, it’s all about what you can do for them. Step up your game and you will be able to maintain your data base and increase it through referrals from customers.

Have a great day.



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