Why do good people suffer in business? In Life?

It is difficult to comprehend why some good people suffer badly in business and in life. People who are sincere, hardworking, compassionate and helpful do suffer due to various unfavorable conditions. Everyone expects that good deeds should be rewarded both by societies and by God. However, it does not always happen. How many times have you observed good people suffer due to bad health, stressful relation and financial crisis and then see someone who adopts manipulative practices flourish and gain in material possession and wealth. It makes us to lose faith in goodness and fair dealings.

The answers cannot be found by just limiting our existence to this life. At times, nature treats them unkindly by inflicting some physical ailment or other pain. While, we try to explain this by talking about luck and chance,  it does not explain the real issues affecting our lives.

The problem lies in expecting results of our actions to come in this life. It appears that in the divine scheme of things, the divine time frame is much large than our perception. God is the only one who knows our life, timeline and why things happen the way they do.  But as a God who gives us choice, it is our choices that directs the path we take.

In business we rely on our choices and decisions to make our business successful. When things don’t go as planned, the first person we blame is God.  He gave you the thought to start your business, you followed by opening your business and now, NOW when you need Him the most, the time when your business is in dire straits, He is not helping you…. Why won’t He listen? Why am I not getting any answers? Why did You put me in a position of near bankruptcy?

Yes, all of these thoughts run through your head. Some may even be said out loud… it’s ok. It’s a human reaction.

Then the health issues start to crop up, why me? Why am I going through this? I have lived a good life, taken care of my body, never smoked, drank …etc

Life is not about you. Life is about the purpose you were put on this world to do. Whether in business or in your personal life, your purpose was laid out for you even before you were born.  Have you searched for that purpose? Have you ask God what your purpose is.  Many people never realize how many lives they have touched over the years, how a smile from a stranger touched someone who was having a bad day, how a “how are you” made someone feel like they were visible, how a “good job” saved someone’s life who thought they were nothing, how a kind word to someone less fortunate gave them a reason for living.

Every waking minute of your day has touched someone in either a positive or negative way, and you can never take back that second in time. Make the most of your life, you have been placed here for a reason, with a purpose and a mission. Find out what your’s is and live your life regardless of the suffering.

In business or in life we are all going to suffer. Some more than others, some without a understandable reason, others knowing why they are suffering.

My question to you is…

What are you going to do? How are you going to handle the suffering?  God won’t make that chose for you, it’s up to you. Free Will….You chose!!

Who knows, the life you might change could be your own.


Our deepest thanks to Mr. Scott Schilling, he is a great coach, mentor, author, and consultant and has a heart of gold. God has truly blessed Scott with a wealth of knowledge for helping businesses and churches grow.  The blessings he has given to Apostle Radio is humbling for our ministry.

Go to http://www.apostleradionip.reachgeneration.com/ if you would like this great information. You will be glad you did!!

Getting back to the basics…

Business owners use advertising to create more sales, increase product awareness and build public awareness of brand imagery. Because many use advertising to peddle their wares, it’s all too easy to spend money on advertising only to get lost in the bussel of countless other radio ads, TV spots, printed flyers or online banners. Don’t waste valuable time and money, do the research, find effective advertising tips to develop successful campaigns that resonate with customers. Effective advertising helps you drive home the message with less wasted time and money.

In today’s market, so many are using cut throat tactics to bring in the business. However in today’s economy people just aren’t falling for it. That is why good old fashion marketing and advertising works. Simple yet effective.  That’s right simplicity is the best method of attracting attention to your business and your products.  Look at it this way, when you don’t have to be the biggest or the baddest, (this is the radio or print ads that make you want to barf) but simply the one with good ol’ boy customer service, quality products and having the products available at a good price is going to get alot of attention.

Don’t play the game, create your own. Let your customers know that you have what they need, when they need it. You will be the one that stands out in the massive crowd of competition.

As a Christian I have long ago stopped the games.  I offer my clients great deals and the exposure speaks volumes.  If you are wanting to change up what your currently doing, trying taking a simpler approach. Get back to the basics and utilize the dying art of great customer service.

Have a blessed day!  If I can help in any way let me know.