What’s your Excuse?

Time and time again I hear the same excuses when I talk to people about marketing and advertising their business.  When I repeat my thoughts on Marketing, Branding or Advertising, it’s because there are still many people out there that don’t get it!! So let’s take a look at the excuses and let’s see if I can eliminate some of them or explain them where they can be understood.

a) No budget – going into business is serious stuff, if you are not allowing yourself a budget to market and advertise with you are setting your business up for failure. How will anyone ever know about you if you don’t find ways to promote your business.  Even if it is $50 a month you should do some type of media marketing and advertising. And budgeting for your marketing and advertising should be in your business plan.

b) Tried it for a month or two, didn’t work – well as I have been blogging about for months, it is longevity and consistancy that brings awareness to your business. Once people are aware of who you are, where your at and what you offer they will come. Hit and miss advertising is a desperate measure and sends the wrong message.

c) I have enough business I don’t need to promote my business – wow… good for you!  Many business owners really believe that they don’t need any more business.  How many are still in business today after our economy tanked? I have seen many of the businesses that started at the same time as we did, close their doors due to lack of business. Why? They didn’t believe in marketing and advertising their business, they believed the community that was supporting them would be enough to keep them going, fact is those are the same ones that stopped spending when times got tuff. You can never have too much business, customers come and go, only a few are life timers.

d) What’s in it for me – Well believe it or not, I have heard this line before when I have talked to who I thought were potential clients.  My response is simple, maybe the opportunity to keep the doors open.  Why? Because the doors are open to benefit your customers not you! Once that is established, then you can reap the rewards.

e) My business doesn’t need to market or advertise – I really can’t express my true feelings about this statement. No business is that good, if it was we would have seen masses swarming to duplicate it.  This train of thought is only a set up for failure.  Any business needs to market and advertise, even if it is just word of mouth. So when I hear this I know someone’s just talking smack, cause they wouldn’t have any business if they had not already done some form of marketing and advertising.

f) I get all my business from word of mouth referrals – This is one of the  phrases that I rarely will argue with. Why? It’s simple, alot of the older (20+ years in business) and well established businesses have such a great reputation that word of mouth referrals is all they need and accept. And I do mean accept… I have 3 businesses that I have talked to over the last 7 years that are like landmarks in the community.  They have been around so long that they do get all of their new business from referrals, however just so you know …. they still use today’s technology to promote themselves via the internet.  They have websites and magnets/decals on their vehicles to promote the business.

Remember this… NO ONE has absolutely NO MARKETING AND ADVERTISING for their business.  Even the older generation still has the younger generation pushing them along into the 21st Century.



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