The World Owes Me Attitude

Are you walking around with a “The World Owes Me Attitude”?

The kind of attitude that expects people to just look at you and buy whatever you are selling.  That seems to be the mentality of so many sales people. With all the MLM’s (no I am not saying it like it’s a bad thing) and the Advertising people, and the non profits etc…  wanting money or wanting us to purchase their products or services, is becoming overwhelming. There are so many out there pushing the same product or service and 99% of them guarantee they have the best product or service, and those “other” products and services are crap attitudes that it makes it very hard to be a good person when I have said no for the umpteenth time.

Let’s face the facts, the world does not owe you anything, no matter how good your product is or how good you can sell it. If I don’t know you and I don’t know about your products I am not going to start shoving money in your direction. I like to do business with people I know and trust. Someone who really does have my best interest at heart, not a personal gain incentive of padding their pockets.

Impulse buying is not what I do, and when you all but call me a liar when I say I don’t need your product or service, well… it’s a bit maddening.  And it definitely creates a not so Christian feeling in me!  Which by the way upsets me even more, due to the fact that I am really a good person and you are taking advantage of that fact.

So what do we need to learn when approaching someone with our products and services?  Etiquette!!!!!!! No means NO!!!!!!!!!! Don’t tell the customer you know what they need more than they do!!!!!!!!!!

Etiquette – talk to me as an individual, don’t lump me in a category with thousands of others “just like me”, and don’t presume to know what I need, you don’t know me.

  • Be polite, ask questions and base the next phase of your spill on what you learn
  • If I am interested I will tell you
  • If I want to buy I will tell you
  • If I say no, thank me and walk away

No – this is not a hard word to understand. It is only two letters. N…O… It is not hard to understand and it does not mean keep trying to sell me.

  • If you hear “I am not interested” thank me and walk away
  • If you hear “I said no” it is really time to walk away
  • If you hear “how many times do I have to tell you” you have went to far
  • If I slam the door you should really run… not knock on the door again
  • Refer back to etiquette if you need to understand this more.

Know it all – The person who knows what’s best for every person they meet and has the audacity to preach it to that person.

  • When you presume to know more about what the customer needs than they do, you only offend who you are talking to.
  • Why?  Because you are calling them a liar and telling them they are stupid.
  • When you continue to push your product or services after hearing no more than once or twice is rude and sends the message that you are not listening and you don’t care.
  • When you continue to give a better deal because you hear the word no, you are sending several messages (a) it was overpriced to start with (b) I know you really don’t mean no (c) if I continue to annoy you, you will buy to shut me up (d) and you are disrespectful

Selling is an art of respect. Respect for who you are and for who the person is on the other side. By violating any of the above you cheapen sales for all respectable sales people in any field of business.

Here are some rules that I live by as a sales person.

  • People like to buy but they don’t like to be sold
  • When a customer says no, I thank them and give them my card just in case they decide at a later time that they would like to try my product or service
  • I respect the person I am talking to and ask questions that will lead me in the direction of whether my product or service is a fit for them
  • When the customer is speaking, I listen. There is always a clue to how our conversation direction is going to go. If I hear a negative I know not to pursue the sale, and guide the conversation in to a more comfortable direction
  • I never presume to know exactly what the customer needs, I ask questions that direct them to give me the answers

In all aspects of sales, it is always about can the customer benefit from my product or service.  If I can show the benefits, I have their attention and can normally close the sale. So when you are out there promoting your product or service, don’t have the “world owes me attitude”.

The world owes you nothing, you have to earn it, we all need money to survive in our world today, but it’s earned, not given because you need to make a sale.   So stop and think before you open your mouth and speak.

This coming from a frustrated sales person fighting to overcome the reputation laid out by previous “the world owes me attitude” sales people.

Market your business wisely and be aware of what your sales people are doing once they are no longer in your field of vision. This can hurt your business to the point of not being able to overcome.

Market by Faith and reap the rewards promised.


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