F.R.O.G. Method of Marketing by Faith

How does faith play into your business? Do you use the guidance from God to make the necessary decisions needed to be successful in your business and in your life?

Do you use the F. R. O. G. method?

F – Fully

R – Relying

O – on

G – God

Relying on God is the key to the success you seek!

Did you know that women are now the primary decision makers or significant influencers in more than 80 per cent of consumer purchasers. And they’re not just buying makeup and washing powder and keeping the storecupboard stocked.

Women are responsible for 65 per cent of vehicle purchases,

50 per cent of personal computer purchases

and also buy a hefty percentage of all luxury items, travel and leisure products.

They have emerged as the most influential consumer force in history.

Women want to form a bond with the companies and brands they do business with. And they are increasingly in a position to demand this relationship and to punish marketers who fail to deliver it by taking their business to those few enlightened marketers who “get it” – the ones who are creating brands that women will want to join, not just to buy.

Do you think that women have stepped out in faith using the F.R.O.G. method in our world today?  Women have many facets of their life where they have had to step up and take the reigns to survive.  Are you marketing to women as well as men? Have you changed the way you think to encompass what women want.

This is truly a marketing by faith situation.  But if you know the facts, you will know what needs to be done.  And you will be successful in the process.

As a woman owned business, I have felt the pains of working in a man’s world and have overcome the obstacles.  How??? Marketing my company with the F.R.O.G. method.  I have given my business success to God and over the last 7 years have survived the ups and downs the world has thrown my way.

I would love to hear from others – men and women who have successfully survived using the F.R.O.G. method in their business.

Have a blessed day and Market by Faith!!



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