How will you start the New Year? Does God fit in?

Have you thought about how you could do better in your life?

Struggling just to make ends meet, juggling bills because you don’t have the money you need to pay all of them, counting pennies just to feed your family.

Your story fits millions of people in our world today. So many are failing in their businesses and in their lives, not knowing where to turn for help.

What do you need to change to live the life you were truly meant to have?

Have you asked for help from God and not received an answer? What seems to be the problem?

Well, I learned that I just wasn’t listening. God talks to us through our dreams, in quiet times with no distractions, through other people, and by gut feelings and what we call six sense.  It’s when you ignore these things that life gets so messed up. We do it on our own, because of course we have all the answers, and then blame God when we mess it up. If it is negative, it’s not from God. If it seems wrong, it’s not from God. If it makes you queasy when you talk about it, it’s not from God.

Make a pact to listen more, learn to trust those gut instincts, and don’t go against those feelings that make you queasy. God’s trying to tell you something.

Start the New Year off right… Fit God into your life unconditionally. Listen to that inner voice and don’t act if there is a doubt.

And if all else fails when you do it yourself…..Ask God!!

Have a blessed and prosperous New Year!!


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