Hopelessness does not come from God

Our sinfulness often leads to dismal situations and feelings of despair. But we must always remember that hopelessness does not come from God. God is the author of hope. Even the Exile, with its seeming hopelessness, was part of God’s long-range plan for his people. And his plans were good.

If you are facing hopelessness, you may be inheriting the results of some other person’s sinful decisions and actions. Or you may be reaping your own bad rewards. You may not have really discovered the hope that is found in God’s love for you through Jesus Christ.

Reject despair and seek out God’s plan—and his hopes—for you.

Don’t be afraid to talk to someone if you are feeling hopeless. There are many who can help. Or you can contact me and I would be glad to talk with you. I work with many who are hopeless, depressed, angry, lost and feeling unloved through a non profit organization that blessed my life when I needed help.

Hopelessness could also be a form of depression. There are non medical treatments that can help you as well.

Never think you are alone…. God is always with you, even when you can’t feel Him or hear Him. And God has helpers, in places you would least expect.

In James 1:3

We are told “For when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.” 

I live by this daily. Be blessed and know you are not alone. There are many that suffer and few that reach out for help. If you need help, please reach out and allow someone to help you in your time of need.


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