Have a Safe and Blessed Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for?

Do you take the time to give thanks for what you have in your life?

Most people don’t take the time through out the year to think about what they have to be thankful for. They wait until Thanksgiving and Christmas and cram it in to 2 days.

What I would like to ask you is to list the things you have been blessed to have been given or earned in your life today. Then take the time to give thanks to God for what you have.

Job 10:12 “You have granted me life and favor, and Your providence has preserved my spirit.”

I would also like to remind you that not everyone finds the holidays as joyful and happy. If you see someone that looks sad or down, help them! Depression is stronger during the holidays then any other time and that brings about many feelings in a person that can be harmful to others and themselves.

Help one another. Pay it forward and reap the rewards in Heaven for the deeds of kindness on earth. And please don’t do it for good favor, but from the heart with love and compassion.

My wish for you this day is that you are blessed with peace, joy, love and happiness, from my heart to yours.

Happy Thanksgiving

Please feel free to share what you are thankful for here on this blog.

I am thankful for a warm and loving family. A wonderful husband, a son following God’s commands, a daughter in law that is like my own,  5 beautiful grandchildren to love and spoil and a blessed business that is more of a passion than a job.  I am truly blessed.


How can you Restore Control in your life?

 Set your Priorities to what is the most important

What’s truly important to you? Is it Money, your family, your friends, or maybe hobbies? The answer to this question should be how you prioritize your time for each one. Many of us see our job as simply a vehicle to provide the money to do what we like, for others, our job is our passion. Make sure that where you want to go in your life isn’t suffering because of misplaced priorities.  Compare your priorities with how you actually spend your time and money. If they don’t match, then you’re lying to yourself.  For me, my priorities are God first, me second, my family third and my job comes in fourth.

I have always put God first in my life, however my job was always next because I was raised to make sure my family was taken care of and my bills were paid. I lived this way for many years before I ended up in the hospital… by taking care of everything and everyone else, I did not take that good of care of me and it almost cost me everything.  That was the turning point of my life and my thinking.  I learned that if I take care of me, everything and everyone else could be taken care of. Set your priorities according to what you consider the most important in your life and not have a Lesson Learned… the hard way!!!

 Time Management

Is your time managing you? Are you managing your time?  Take control of your time by changing your focus and creating results.  Identify the must have and do’s of your time. Time for yourself (weekends or days off), time for the kids events (school play, sports etc…), time for the wife/hubby (cuddle time, date night).  

The next thing you need to discover, what is taking you away from the things you say are important to you. Do you bring work home? Do you allow friends to call anytime just to say hey and catch up on gossip during the time that you have set aside for yourself or family?  How many times have you been watching a movie with your spouse or the family and received a phone call from a friend or someone from work and instead of asking them if you could call them back, you got up and talked to them, missing 30 minutes or longer of the movie. Is it worth it? Could it have waited? Are there alternatives…YES there is! Don’t compromise your special time, you can never get it back. The only exceptions… emergencies… and yes if they say it is, then it had better be.

Finally – stick to it.


Draw a line in the sand and learn that it’s ok to say “no“. Stop self-sabotaging your time management. If you don’t know how to tell someone no or not right now, then practice it.

For example,

“John, I understand that we did not get a chance to talk about it at work today, however this is the time I spend with my family, can we discuss it in the morning when I get in.”

“Mom, hi, is everything ok? Yes, Great… we are just in the middle of a movie, can I call you back after its over? Thanks..Love ya”

“Terri hi, is everything ok? Awesome, I am at Billy’s game can I call you back later?  Great thanks”

Find something that works for you and use it. Trust me the first time you put “you” first you will be bouncing off the walls. Why? Because you didn’t allow someone else, that you probably didn’t want to talk to anyway, mess up your planned evening, your personal time, or your quiet time.

So cut and dried, if you restore control of your life and get your priorities in order imagine the peacefulness you could find. Never think it is not worth it or that it won’t work. You and only you have the control.

Let me know what steps you have taken in restoring control in your life. Email me at airadio@apostleradio.org . I would love to hear from you.


Oh! By the way!  This works professionally and well as personally. So don’t allow your work life to run amuck when you can use the same advice.