Sponsor a Ministry

Apostle Radio is looking for business owners interested in increasing traffic flow to their website and increased exposure through sponsoring one of our Nationally& Internationally known Ministies.

Available Ministry Sponsorship spots available:

  • Paul Sheppard Ministries – Destined For Victory
  • Joseph Prince Ministries -Destined To Reign 
  • Paula White Ministries – Just Paula
  • Thurman Scrivner Ministries – The Living Savior Ministries
  • Tracie Dicky – Deliverence Tabernacle Ministries
  • John Ankerberg – The John Ankerberg Show

Call 940 566 3516 or toll free 877 566 3516

Email airadio@apostleradio.org

Sponsorships will fill up fast and don’t come around often. Lock in your time now! These Ministries average 14,000- 18,000 thousand listeners. Imagine your business being heard by nearly 20, 000 people a month! The possibilities are endless.


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