Reasons to Advertise on Apostle Radio

  • Apostle Radio receives thousands of unique visitors each Month!
  • Apostle Radio receives 10 Million+ hits a Month!
  • Apostle Radio has a Focused audience. We reach the Christian market!
  • Apostle Radio has Flexibility. We provide flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs!
  • Apostle Radio has Integrity and a great reputation. We strive to represent the best in the Christian community.
  • Apostle Radio is Affordable – We offer affordable Commercial and website advertising for small and medium size companies,
  • Apostle Radio has a platform for ministries to share their message with the world at a cost that is affordable to small and large ministries alike.

Apostle Radio is dedicated to devoting our airwaves to Spreading the Word of God around the World through Song and Sermon.

 If you would like more information about being a part of Apostle Radio,

Call 940 566 3516 or send an email to  .



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