Are you weary from all your burdens?

You are getting tired and weary from all the burdens you’re carrying.  You are wearing a yoke that seems to get harder to put on every day.  Your yoke may be heavy and uncomfortable, and not always something to look forward to.

 Jesus offers something else.  It’s not a  “no yoke – no burden”  offer, but an easy yoke and a burden that is light.  And who better to be yoked to than Jesus! 

 And the Scripture says all you have to do is:  (1) Come to Jesus,  (2) Take His yoke upon you,  and  (3) Learn from Him.  The result is you will find rest for your soul.  Now that’s an offer you can’t afford to miss!

What heavy, difficult burdens can you exchange for what Jesus offers?

Apostle Radio has great sermons to help you seek answers.


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