Internet Radio in Cars

RAIN 1/6: Net-connected cars, complete with streaming radio, featured at CES ·1 hour ago Posted by: Michael Schmitt

FORD TO OFFER MORE DETAILS ABOUT APP-READY SYNC SYSTEM TOMORROW Internet-connected car technology, complete with Internet radio streaming, will be on display at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Ford will announce more details about their coming app-friendly Sync update tomorrow (RAIN coverage here), which has already been shown to be a perfect platform for Internet radio streaming (here). Ford will also reveal a wireless broadband modem for Sync. Meanwhile, Hughes Telematics will show off a “Connected Car of the Future,” featuring personalized streaming radio. The New York Times notes (here) that this sort of technology is “no longer a novelty,” but is indeed right around the corner We have been talking to you for 5 years about Internet Radio and the future! Now it is becoming a reality and you still don’t want to make the change. Times are changing and the future is now the present. If you are not utilizing the benefits we have to offer at Apostle Radio then you are missing out on being seen and heard by thousands – hundreds of thousands of potential customers. What are you waiting for? We have been here for 5 years waiting on you to come on board. Give us a call at 940 566 3516. Be heard locally and around the world at a low affordable price. Make the Internet work for you, your competition is!