Survive & Prosper

When times are tough, local business owners are more keen than ever before to find reliable ways to survive and prosper. Apostle Radio should be your answer. With everything on the line in this economy, the businesses in your local community are looking for the ideas and tools they need to survive – and even prosper.
At Apostle Radio we offer a variety of ways in advertising to keep your business in the publics eye.
We have monthly specials that make it easier for a business to compete in these trying times.
Here are some of our September Specials…(with 6 mo. Contract ) Can be paid month to month with contract or all at once.
Billboard Ad on $49.95/mo.
Banner & Billboard Ad on ApostleRadio $99.95/mo.
2 Commercials a day + Banner and Billboard Ad $300/mo.

or you can get in on our newest Introductory Special Offer
“Buy the Hour” – One hour of commercials, you will get the following –
1 Top of the Hour, 1 Bottom of the Hour and 4 Com In and 2 Com Out, that’s 8 different spots to promote your business during the hour you choose. One hour a day,(you pick the hour) for a month $100
This is a limited offer and there are only 24 slots available. We are offering a month to month buy in during the Introductory Offer. The offer is good through December 1st, and is a first come basis. On January 1, 2010 pricing for the “Buy the Hour” will go to regular pricing of $375/mo. with contract of 6 months or 1 year. BUY NOW OR WISH YOU HAD!!

This special is excluded from our standard operating procedures (SOP)



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