A Great Way To Get Attention

Looking for Talk Show host to do 12 or 27 minute show on ApostleRadio.org. Great way to get the attention of the people around you as well as potential clients. Shows starting at $500 a month. You pay or you find a sponsor to cover the cost. It is prestigious to be a Talk Show personality. Call for details 940 566 3516 and talk to Ed or Sheila. We are looking for someone in the following categories: Financial, Food Recipes/Tips in cooking quick meals, Chiropractic/Acupuncture, Medical, Mechanical. These are a few of the categories that people want to hear, come on board and build your audience. When listeners need services in your field they will turn to who they are use to hearing about. Your expertise = more customers. Or be a sponsor for one of the shows we already have. We have great deals for sponsor promotions. 940 566 3516


The arrival (finally) of Internet radio

Article by Ben Fong-Torres

‘Net gains: Radio future has arrived, in the form of Internet, or online, or Wi-Fi radio. For years, naysayers – many of them connected to commercial radio – swore that people wouldn’t do their listening online. After all, it required being at their computers. And the first Internet stations were slapdash, basement-hobbyist or rabid-music-freaks’ audio versions of blogging.

No more. Internet radio is not only on PCs (and there’s nothing wrong with that); it’s on cell phones and radiolike tuners (actually little computers that connect with networks). Compact portable models are being perfected, and Wi-Fi radio is on its way into automobiles.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/09/04/PK7H19E6VU.DTL

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Have you been educated in Advertising?

As we have been taught as a child. Spiritual values are powerfully taught in the context of your family.  You have an opportunity to be an example of how your family honors God.  You have the responsibility – in your family – to demonstrate what God means to you and how important it is to live for Him: day and night, at home or out in public.  Do not be ashamed of your obedience to The Lord and His Commandments.  Demonstrate His Love to others through your life’s examples.

 Advertising is the same.  You need to be educated on where to advertise and how to advertise to be effective in your business. 

If you jump in and start spending money at your local newspapers, magazines and radio stations without researching to see if they would be beneficial to you then you have just wasted money that was hard earned. 

You need to make sure you find out about all of the advertising venues in your area.  Do some research to see which one will give you the best value for the money spent and try it for 6 months to see if you get the results you need to continue.  And don’t spend your budget, spend a little to test the waters. If it works you go back and even increase the coverage, if you didn’t get enough customers from it to warrant what was spent then you need to try new venues or smaller packages.  Don’t be talked into what you can’t afford! Don’t believe everything you hear! And don’t feel like you have to advertise at any one venue just because everyone else does! 

Choose wisely. Do your research.  Test the waters, don’t just jump in. And whatever you do, do so with the intentions of being in it for at least 6 months.  Advertising is not a quick fix, it is a commitment over a period of time.  When you are consistantly in front of potential customers you are letting them know that (1) you are not going anywhere (2) you are there for them when they need you (3) you don’t have to use gimmicks to get them in the door.

People want your honesty and good customer service, not your “how much can I get out of that person” attitude.

So I ask you, have you been educated in advertising? Do you know what people want and need?

If you would like to venture down another option for advertising, we have 5 Internet Radio Stations that operate just like the one in your town with the exception that we are online and we are very affordable.

Give us a call at 940 566 3516 and asjk for Ed or Sheila. We have something to fit any budget (except free of course)  🙂 and we would be glad to talk to you.  Our Radio Stations are heard around the world but have the flavor of your local next door. We have advertising, Talk Shows and Sermons for your listening pleasure.

What do you have to lose?  Talk is free and you never know where the next great customer is going to come from.

God’s Blessings  

Sheila Tucker

Survive & Prosper

When times are tough, local business owners are more keen than ever before to find reliable ways to survive and prosper. Apostle Radio should be your answer. With everything on the line in this economy, the businesses in your local community are looking for the ideas and tools they need to survive – and even prosper.
At Apostle Radio we offer a variety of ways in advertising to keep your business in the publics eye.
We have monthly specials that make it easier for a business to compete in these trying times.
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2 Commercials a day + Banner and Billboard Ad $300/mo.

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“Buy the Hour” – One hour of commercials, you will get the following –
1 Top of the Hour, 1 Bottom of the Hour and 4 Com In and 2 Com Out, that’s 8 different spots to promote your business during the hour you choose. One hour a day,(you pick the hour) for a month $100
This is a limited offer and there are only 24 slots available. We are offering a month to month buy in during the Introductory Offer. The offer is good through December 1st, and is a first come basis. On January 1, 2010 pricing for the “Buy the Hour” will go to regular pricing of $375/mo. with contract of 6 months or 1 year. BUY NOW OR WISH YOU HAD!!

This special is excluded from our standard operating procedures (SOP)